Mr. Ram Kishore Bansal
MA, LLB - Lahore

As Chairman, he has spearheaded the Ashok Group of companies since its formation in 1956. He had a vision which lead him from a small town in Haryana to Agra in search of better opportunities and landed us with the TATA dealership. With his foresight, he also made strategic investments in land at the right time which have turned out to be one of the most valuable assets to the organization. With 57 years of experience in the automobile industry, he has built the foundation of Ashok Group on the principles of honesty, dedication and a customer centric approach.

Mr. Bharat Bansal
BE (Mechanical Eng.) - Purdue University, USA

The newest addition to the group in 2010. As director, he brings energy and aggressive attitude to the organization. With-in this short period he had successfully commissioned a 3.5 lakh sq ft commercial development with all modern amenities. Considering his engineering background and interest, he decided to focus the technical aspects of the automotive business including the workshop operations. His passion towards engineering and technology has modernized the group’s operations and given momentum to new developments.

Dr. Ranjana Bansal

Doctor by profession and the Managing Director of the Ashok Group, she has given multidimensional growth to the organization. With no business experience, she took over this infant organization in 1988 under adverse circumstances. She pushed through the tough initial years but her hard work led to exponential business growth. She is very well respected and celebrated in the community only because of her hard work and passion towards what ever she does. Best Women Entrepreneur from Canara Bank, National Chamber of Commerce and DLA New paper are a few of the prestigious awards she has been given. With her leadership not only did the group grow, it has diversified into various other areas such as real-estate, hospitality and healthcare.

Pranati Bansal
BE (Electrical Eng.) – Notre Dame University, USA , MBA (Finance & Real Estate) – Columbia University, USA

Her journey as a director in Ashok Group began in 2007 before which she worked as a consultant at Accenture, New York. With her experience and exposure to the international working environment, she brought a corporate culture to the organization. To strengthen her acumen in finance and business, in 2011 she decided to go for a MBA program at Columbia, NY. This gave an analytical foundation to the group and gave the group a new vision.


Opening ceremony of new tata commerical vehicle showroom at sanjay place agra, another great acheivement by ahok group.Opening ceremony of new tata commerical vehicle showroom at sanjay place agra, another great acheivement by ahok group..

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